Credit to Photograph: Fosco Maraini/Getty

Credit to Photograph: Fosco Maraini/Getty

have we all lived many lives, and will we continue to come back to this world, and do we get it right in our spiritual journey the following are three stories about people who seriously believe they have lived a previous life William Barnes, Thomas Andrews.

William started having spontaneous past life memories when he was a child but at the age of four, he drew a ship with four smokestacks and said to his parents this is my ship but she died, he insisted his mother call him Tommy and spoke of two brothers, a sister aunts and uncles none of whom his parents knew as a child William would have constant nightmares of a huge ship looming above him, you could hear loud piercing screams and heated arguments, he could feel freezing water all around his body with steel falling on and around him and he’d wake up crying.

When William was 25 he moved to Washington dc and continued having the same nightmare, so he sought the help of a counselor who used hypnosis as a means of relaxation during the session, he heard himself arguing about the ship’s design, suddenly he came out of the trance sat up and said my name is Tommy Andrews it was the first time, he’d heard the full name Thomas Andrews.

jr was born in county down in northern Ireland in 1873 he was a British businessman and shipbuilder he was managing director and head of the drafting department of the shipbuilding company Harland and wolf in Belfast Ireland as a naval architect in charge of the plans for the ocean liner RMS titanic he was traveling onboard the vessel, during a transatlantic maiden voyage in 1912.

He perished at the age of 39 along with more than 500 others when the ship sank after hitting an iceberg, at the age of 38 William Barnes moved to Arizona with his wife Mary Ann late one night he woke his wife up because he was arguing loudly in his sleep, William was screaming out the names of people she did not know in an unusual accent, he continued to have anger and nightmares that left him depressed with low self-esteem and was contemplating suicide.

His wife insisted he seeks serious medical help we went through a barrage of physical psychological and psychiatric tests in 1997 he was referred to Dr. Frank Baranowski, a psychologist who had used hypnotic age regression with a lot of success in helping people overcome fears and phobias with the lifetime of nightmares.

William was not feeling very confident about a positive outcome however to William’s surprise, he found that the past life therapy did work and the sessions helped William Barnes take ownership of his life, the sessions were recorded and excerpts were featured in an audiobook called a past life interview with titanic designer

Apparently, on the tape, you can hear bad speaking in Tommy Andrews hairy northern Ireland accent and she describes the ordeal of the titanic sinking and he relives his death on the deck of the ship to make matters even more interesting .

William Barnes was born on April 14 1953 which was the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, Barnes was born on the date the Titanic sank 41 years after the incident Peter T Cam paul Gargan, Gargan was a leading 19th-century french post-impressionist artist who lived from 1848 to 1903.

Peter is an artist who presently lives in Washington state, one day he discovered a drawing hanging on the wall of a restaurant which he visited by chance and believed to be a drawing by Gauguin.

At the time of the discovery, Peter had been writing a book about Gauguin who he had studied for many years when Peter saw the drawing he was convinced it was a Gauguin if this drawing was an original Gauguin, it would be worth a lot of money.

TeeKamp eventually brought the drawing from its owner for five thousand dollars however, there will be many paranormal aspects to this discovery that would lead to an amazing series of coincidences surrounding not only the drawing in the restaurant but other similarities between TeeKamp and Gauguin , throughout his life there were many times in the TeeKamp ‘s life that were put down to synchronicity where unusual events would occur which appeared to connect him with Gauguin , on many occasions when he opened an art book it would fall open onto a page about Gauguin where complete strangers would walk up to T Camp telling him that he had an amazing resemblance to Gauguin tiger then started to discover other strange parallels between himself and Gauguin and one of them being they would both hide an identical signature within their artwork he then discovered more similarities in their lives when they both spent their early lives.

Away from home in boarding schools they were both spiritual and put their visionary effects on canvas they both use short brush strokes and brilliant flat colors, they both traveled extensively to foreign lands.

Gauguin moved the sink cloud in France to paint seriously where TeeKamp moved this in the cloud in the USA to also paint seriously both were successful in their business ventures after being both businessmen and artists that both decided to put all of their attention into art, both painted portraits with physical likeness, both used sharp lines in the nose structure.

In most of their self-portraits both felt a strong connection with the native American spirit, they were both considered visionary and ahead of their time, neither received a higher education in the field of art, both had similar facial features with a prominent nose, eyebrows and high cheekbones. The coincidences are so strong that TeeKamp believes he may be the reincarnation of Gauguin and it just so happens that Gauguin himself was a strong believer in reincarnation.

One day in 1990, Peter was working at his practice in gold arc in northeast Switzerland when one of his clients wanted to talk to him about her nine-year-old daughter called Innis, who she believed had the gift of clairvoyance, she told him that her daughter was able to read letters from a distance with the back of the letter facing her.

On her next visit the woman brought her daughter Innis then observed Peter as she was treating her mother and then said to him i know you are from the past Peter,her mother was shocked and initially paraded her daughter for being rude but her daughter insisted that she knew him and turned to Peter and said to him you were once my brother and I was your sister Sylvia. While Innins’s mother looked on in shock, she continued by saying that I was your sister in your present life but I passed when I was very young, now I have come back and have a different mother.

Peter was able to verify her story by saying that even though he was only three years old,he remembers his sister Sylvia who had passed the age of only four and a half years of age, Innis then continued by saying that they lived in the Appenzel canton which is in northeast Switzerland and that is where she passed.

Peter was so amazed that he then produced a photograph and placed it face down on the table, he said to Innis your mother tells me that you can read letters with the back facing you are you able to see who is in this picture in this immediate replied: my mother and father from the past they are our parents mummy’s wearing a white blouse and they are both holding hands. She was absolutely correct she then said that a mother joined her in death 20 years after she passed in 1978. She then added: we also had other brothers and sisters who were born after she had passed, she was again correct

Peter the nazis described the house they lived in, she correctly described the house he then asked her what profession their father had and she replied that he owned a fabric shop and also owned an outdoor swimming pool that was situated in the valley that earned him an extra income, he went on to ask her more questions that she was able to answer correctly in this they went on to describe in detail what had happened to her immediately after passing: i saw myself floating above my body.

Her mother had suffered a breakdown after her passing as she remembers trying to comfort her saying : mommy you need not fear anything as i am always with you i will bring many, customers into your shop, when she was 14, she said to her present mother that she will shortly be involved in a bad accident but don’t worry I’ll survive a few weeks later.

she was involved in a serious accident and was in a coma for a long time when the doctor said she would not survive but she regained consciousness and made a full recovery but she found she’d lost all of her psychic abilities.


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